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Más grande y mejor que nunca, el tercer estudio anual a nivel mundial de UL contrastará las prioridades y las actitudes de consumidores y fabricantes en una amplia variedad de consideraciones relacionadas con los productos.

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UL se enorgullece en compartir La New Science, una poderosa iniciativa que presenta importantes maneras en las que hacemos este mundo más seguro a través de descubrimientos fundamentales, normas, software y metodologías de pruebas en cuatro áreas iniciales.

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Miles de productos y sus componentes son sometidos a ensayos de acuerdo con nuestros estrictos requisitos todos los años.


Las herramientas Dashboard de UL permiten a las empresas satisfacer las necesidades en constante evolución del mercado siendo más inteligentes, eficientes y veloces que nunca antes.

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Fire safety engineering

UL is the North American leader in fire safety testing, certification and research. To protect lives and property, UL applies modern test methods and analyses and is dedicated to working with regulatory authorities, manufacturers, insurers, retailers and other partners in the fire-safety community.

While safety is UL's primary focus, the manufacturer's need for reliable, timely results to satisfy customer requirements and meet bottom-line objectives is also important. That's why UL offers the highest level of regulatory acceptance in the industry, market recognition, expertise and service to help manufacturers get safer products to market more quickly.

UL services span the spectrum of safety needs for the built environment

Our fire-safety resources serve all key industry segments, including:

  • Fire suppression -- sprinklers, sprinkler pipes and fittings, fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems
  • Fire resistance and containment -- doors, dampers, firestops, safes and fire-resistive materials
  • Building products -- roofing, gypsum board, insulation, wall coverings, furnishings, plastics, foams and other materials
  • Building content -- mattresses, futons, wall coverings and upholstered furniture
  • Telecommunications -- wires, cables, fiber optics and central office equipment
  • Fire equipment services -- aerial devices, ground ladders and pumpers
  • Fire alarm products -- control panels, smoke detectors, sensors and other alarm system components
  • Insurance, material handling, retail, warehousing and industry consultants -- fire research to assist with product development, standards development, systems and materials investigations, and regulatory acceptance of innovative new products

The UL advantage

With more than 21 billion products carrying the UL Mark, UL provides the most visible and reliable confirmation of a product's compliance with national and international requirements. UL's integrity, independence and leadership in U.S. safety standards development all stand behind the Mark. A dedicated team of fire safety professionals, the widely referenced UL Safety Standards and Directories, world-class facilities and comprehensive services combine to make UL the most prominent and trusted source for the industry. UL offers:

  • World-class facilities - Global state-of-the-art facilities for product testing.
  • Standards development - The only certification organization with standards development capabilities, UL has authored 150 U.S. fire safety standards.
  • Large-scale fire-testing facility - With 20,000 square feet of specialized testing cells, this facility can collect the data necessary to assist with product and system development; substantiate proposals for code revisions; assist with new standard development; and support regulatory acceptance of new products.
  • Customized solutions - UL's facility accommodates different ceiling heights, roof slopes and sprinkler configurations to tailor test programs for almost any situation.
  • Bundled service offering - Helps meet multiple needs more efficiently (e.g., fire testing of ceiling tiles along with acoustical testing).
  • Product Directories - Online and print versions of UL Product Directories list companies with UL certifications and are widely referenced by contractors, architects, and building and fire inspectors.
  • Predictive analysis - Helps save time and money for manufacturers by using smaller scale methods to predict how products will perform during actual testing.
  • Witness testing programs - An added convenience for manufacturers obtaining UL certification.
  • Consulting and training - A wide range of public and private training opportunities, global market access and consultative services can help manufacturers "design safety in," anticipating and addressing critical needs throughout the product lifecycle.